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Our history



A family story

The first written records of the Dulon family date back to 1737.
Bertrand Dulon, a native of Soulignac and valet in the service of priest François de Solirenne, married Marguerite Patrovilleau on May 30, 1737.
Together they ran an inn in their native village until Bertrand seized the opportunity to buy a room a few miles away from winegrower Etienne Milh.
Despite its dilapidated state, Bertrand and Marguerite were happy to become purchasers and chose to maintain the adjoining land planted with vines.
Bertrand Dulon became an innkeeper and winegrower, unknowingly introducing future generations to the world of wine.
Bertrand and Marguerite Dulon inherited 2 hectares of vines. Jean Dulon, their son, continued the work begun by his father: expanding the vineyard. The estate was thus handed down from generation to generation.


A heritage

When Michel Dulon inherited the estate from his father in 1970, it covered a surface area of 40 hectares. Until then, Vignobles Dulon had been known for their production of wines sold in bulk, but gradually, through numerous investments, they turned to bottled production under their own châteaux names.


Together with his wife Françoise, who also comes from a family of winegrowers, they developed the family business to its current size of 150 hectares spread over 3 properties overlooking the Garonne river, and extending to the clay-limestone slopes and valleys of Entre-Deux-Mers, excellent soils for growing vines with excellent exposure to the sun.


A family business handed down through ten generations, Vignobles Dulon has continued to develop under the impetus of Michel & Françoise, and now their daughters Carole and Sophie, supported by a team of ten people.

On the one hand, Carole and Michel manage the vineyards to produce wines that are typical of their appellations, rich, fine and generous. Sophie and Françoise, on the other hand, manage the marketing of the properties, develop their sales in France and abroad, and oversee the administrative management of the House.Since the 2019 vintage, the Domaine has obtained High Environmental Value Level 3 certification, as well as EVE Vegan certification for 3 new cuvées, and is actively committed to an HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) sanitary control plan, guaranteeing a high level of food safety for its wines.

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Grand Jean

Château Grand Jean is located in Soulignac, and is the oldest property. The foundation stone of Vignobles DULON, it now covers 100 hectares. The terroirs are clay and gravel, providing the vineyard with an ideal setting for its development.

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